On the basis of the company there are two modern laboratories: testing and metrological

Testing laboratory

Radiation control lab of OJSC «Medtechnika» provides services for harmful and dangerous factors research at healthcare centers

Test objects are: X-ray protective equipment; Ventilation in the offices; Individual dosimeters (DTU-1, DTU-2, etc.) Diagnostic X-ray machines; C-arc; Fluorography; Dental X-ray machines; Mammographs; Computer tomographs; Angiographs; Therapeutic x-ray machines; X-ray cabinets and staff jobs.

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OJSC «Medtechnika»has its own electrical measuring laboratory (electrical laboratory). The electric laboratory was registered by the upper don Department of Rostekhnadzor (certificate of registration number 51-T of August 01, 2016)

Medical measuring equipment verification

The metrological service of OJSC «Medtechnika» carries out more than 20 years checking of measuring instruments of the General and medical appointment in the field of health care. In 2015 once again successfully passed the re-accreditation for the right of verification and the accreditation Certificate of the Federal service for accreditation No. RA.EN.310644 from 21.04.2015 g (Scope of accreditation for calibration: bld. 1, стр2).



Radiation control

Laboratory for radiation control (LRC) of OJSC «Medtechnika» since 2006, carries out monitoring of the premises, examination of parameters of x-ray, x-ray machines. In 2015, the LHD was successfully completed re-accreditation. The received accreditation Certificate of the laboratory of radiation control # RA.EN.21АБ46 from 27.05.2015 year



Technical check-out

Installation and repair of medical equipment is carried out both on a single application and on the basis of long-term maintenance contracts.

License of Roszdravnadzor for maintenance of medical equipment № FS-99-04-001281 from 29.04.2014 year



Gage laboratory

Gage laboratory of OJSC «Medtechnika» provides services on medical equipment and auxiliary aids verification. We provide both periodic and exceptional verifications (after repair, adjustment etc.)

We provide verification for the following equipment: Manometers, vacuum manometers; Tonometers, sphygmomanometers; Ammeters; Voltmeters; Electrocardiographs, ECG monitors, ECG complexes; Electroencefgraphs; Reografy; Colorimeters, microcolorimeters; Refractometers; Polarimeters; pH meters; Myographs; Laboratory analyzers; Height meters; Ethanol vapor analyzers; Dispensers; Medical monitors; Libra; Hygrometers.

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